Angela's House Birthday Wishes Campaign

It has been one year since we all were faced to adjust our way of life to ensure our own well-being and the safety of all of those around us. These days and months have been wrought with very challenging and emotional times; it has forced us to think of new ways to come together even though we are physically distanced. This pandemic has exacerbated feelings of isolation for pockets of our community who were already struggling and has challenged us to respond in new and creative ways to ensure that we were doing our part to help.

As we await the long anticipated Spring and Summer months with hope for more normalcy, we must remember the communities that continue to be impacted include the medically fragile children that we have the honor of working with. Some families have yet to leave their homes and others are still very highly regimented in their day-to-day activities. They continue to need our support and we need to be able to continue to be there for them.

Our Spring Gala, which kicks off our fundraising campaign for the year, has been cancelled again. We remain hopeful that we will be able to gather together at the Watermill in 2022, but that does not address the need we have now. Requests for Everyday Wishes (essentials like formula, diapers and medical supplies, equipment like wheelchairs, standers and accessible strollers as well as other services and supports that cannot be covered by other means) continue. In addition, to help raise spirits and lessen feelings of isolation, we have added granting birthday wishes (in the form of lawn signs, cakes and balloons) for our special children. This brings joy to our families as we mentioned, many whom are still not frequenting public places. The smiles say it all when thinking about these efforts over the past year since we began. To date, we have spread birthday cheer to 170 medically fragile children across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We could not have been able to do that without your support!

In lieu of hosting an in-person Gala this Spring, we are asking that you consider making a contribution to help us continue this tradition for our children into 2021. 

How to support:
● Donate here! 
● Donate via our Facebook fundraiser & share:
● Mail a check to:
Angela's House
Re: Birthday Wishes
PO Box 5052
Hauppauge, NY 11788

We can make a difference together! Please think of our extraordinary children and consider making a donation to bring a smile to their face(s). Thank you for your unwavering support to Angela’s House.

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