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Angela’s House has been blessed with many generous people that offered unique ways to raise money and have a good time doing it. Below is a list of the fundraising ideas people have created for us. This is not all, we are open to your ideas!

  1. Auctions – Hosting at your home, on the Internet
  2. Block Party/BBQ – Do a raffle for a prize, money collected from neighbors can be donated
  3. Cocktail Party – A great way to get people together for a fun evening. In lieu of a gift to the host or party the host can designate a donation.
  4. Garage Sale – Host and have proceeds going to our children.
  5. Holidays Parties – In lieu of gifts to each other, donations can be designated to our children.
  6. Home Sales Marketing Parties – Example: Mary K, Tupperware, etc. A gift or proceeds going to our children.
  7. Lemonade Stand – Great for the summer for kids! Set up a stand with proceeds going to Angela's House.
  8. Massage-a-Thon
  9. Office/Employee Group or Committee – Groups can host bake sales, charge to participate in casual Friday, Adopt-a-Family during the holidays
  10. Paint Night Host a paint night and up-charge $5-$10 per person, with the extra money raised going to our children. 

  11. Penny Drive – Kids love this one! Perfect for younger grades. The classes have a contest on who can collect the most. All monies raised going to our children.
  12. Religious Celebration – Communions, Bar mitzvah, Confirmation – donations to Angela's House in lieu of gifts.
  13. Show or Sporting Event – Walk-a-thons, sport tournaments, school faculty games, games against professional athletes or celebrities, bowling for dollars, dance event, gym – exercise for our children.
  14. Wedding Favors – A donation can be made to Angela’s House in lieu of a small gift to guests.