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Team Abby

Continuing on our journey without Abby is something we do but of course would never prefer. I’ve been thinking about all of the families that share our journey. The families that miss the birthdays, the holiday family photos, the artwork from school and all of the other milestones that we have for Grace and Eli but didn’t have for Abby. I also began to think about the families at Angela’s House who may have some but not all of those milestones above that I mentioned but live a different type of normal with milestones that we could never dream of. Please donate for them…donate for the families that have become parents and nurses every day of every month of every year and who do it tirelessly. Make one thing a little easier for them, make one expense less of a burden. Let them focus on their smiling children, who make milestones daily just by being present. And let them take the time to enjoy the smiling holiday photos and birthday celebrations by being a small part of their journey. I’ve never forgotten those who did it for us and I can assure you they will not forget as well.


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